The fun old game is coming back in this new port for TI-84+CSE!
Be able to experience all the fun things about the game like dysentery, and dysentery, and even more dysentery. Hours of fun packed into this game.

Plan to be finished porting the game by the end of Oct. or early Nov.
all other projects will be put on hold BUT those are planned to be in alpha testing by the end of the year.
This is awesome. Although the more modern version would be Ebola jk. That is pretty cool. I hope to play it
Haha "modern version" xD I hope I get to see how this turns out, I remember hearing about the game in 4th grade but I never played it.
Problem that I could use help on:
How to I label all my lines; Eg.

10  ClrHome : ONERR GOTO 99
20  FOR W = 3 TO 50
30  FOR I = 1 TO 19
40  FOR J = 0 TO 19
50  K = I + J
60  COLOR= J * 3 / (I + 3) + I * W / 12
70  PLOT I,K: PLOT K,I: PLOT 40 - I,40 - K: PLOT 40 - K,40 - I
80  PLOT K,40 - I: PLOT 40 - I,K: PLOT I,40 - K: PLOT 40 - K,I
90  NEXT : NEXT : NEXT : GOTO 20

I can't have the numbers on the side labling the code(disregard the "ONERR")
TI-BASIC doesn't have line numbers
I know, so how am I supposed to transfer between different lines of code efficiently
You need to use the Lbl command
for 350 or so lines of code?
Loops and conditionals. Loops and conditionals.
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