Hello my name is Jacob Misirian and I am a representative of the int0x10.com programming community. I have done some thorough work with ti-basic and created a few large applications for the ti-84 that I put online. They were Calc Clicker (Cookie Clicker clone), Flappy Asterisk (Flappy Bird clone), Storage Wars: Franklin (my own invention), and a very optimized drawing application that I do not believe is on the internet called "Draw" as of yet. I am just starting using z80 and SquirrelBox to get into higher levels of calculator programming. As a result of this revitalization of ti programming in my mind I decided to not only join this wonderful community but to expand a community that I am an administrator of called int0x10.com and is dedicated to all forms of programming and becoming well-rounded programmers. As we are growing and looking for some of the advice that you have to offer we would deeply appreciate it as you guys are the pros at this. Our TI section can be located at http://int0x10.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?fid=27.

-Jacob Misirian (misirian.5gbfree.com, Admin of int0x10.com)
dat self promotion
Advertising before reaching 768 posts is only good netiquette if the advertised website shows up 100% perfectly with 100% functionality via Gossamer TI-84+ web browser. You also need an extra 768 posts after the advertising is done to fullfill this requirement. Smile
What my esteemed colleagues are trying to say is that we consider ourselves a relatively mature programming nexus at this point, and while we applaud anyone's efforts to bring more people together in engineering/hacking/programming, we hope you'll tell us more about what makes your website's community unique that would draw people to discuss calculator programming there. Smile Also, please feel free to ask us the z80 ASM programming questions that you might have here; we have plenty of tutorials and resources.
In case you didn't see the post on your forums (topic: using ADS to easily code ti-84s), Misirian, We frown upon using ROM creation software, and would prefer you use the method of creating a ROM from an existing calculator. I also left another tidbit of information there, but that pertains to the forum and isn't nearly so pressing.
Actually this is not advertising in the slightest! I was merely talking about how our own website is also trying to expand towards ti programming/hacking. Since this is a forum dedicated to that I thought it was important to mention.

-Jacob Misirian (misiran.5gbfree.com, Admin of int0x10.com)
Somewhat relatedly, you can place your signature in your profile so that it's automatically added every time, instead of having to manually type it/copy paste it.
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