Hello, new to this website! I've succeeded in getting my .rom file uploaded to the website here and everything works well, buttons are aligned, x^2 graphs correctly, hypothesis testing works if I type in the "stats".

The only thing that doesn't work is:
1-Var Stats L1
(after entering data into stats -> edit -> L1, then do:
stats -> calc -> 1-var stats -> 2nd [1] which is L1 )

It outputs the correct stuff, namely:
x_bar =
sum(x) =
sum(x^2) =

The problem is that it doesn't output the actual answers! It's just blank. Is there a configuration I'm missing? I've noticed that the calculator uploads in a very very default setting, maybe there's a way to make 1-Var Stats "see" List 1?

ibanmd wrote:
Oh and one more diagnostic thing:

When I simply enter "L1" on the home screen, I do get output, namely the numbers {9 3 6}. The sort command also works on the list.

And the calculator is a ti-83 plus.

ibanmd wrote:
Nevermind everyone, it has been resolved!
Welcome to Cemetech, ibanmd! Assuming you're talking about our online TI-83+ emulator jsTIfied, I'm glad you're getting good use out of it, and I'm sorry that you had trouble with 1-Var Stats. What was the trick to get it working in the end? I assume you had set some stuff up on your physical calculator that you hadn't quite gotten set up properly on the emulator? Also, it sounds like you're a competent calculator user, but if you get stuck on anything, I'll shamelessly plug my book Using the TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus.

Edit: By the way, in the future, please only reply to yourself (what we call a double-post or triple-post) if it has been more than 24 hours since your previous post. Otherwise, edit your existing post instead. Thanks!
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