I'm working on a MOC, based on the hatching scene from Dragondrums where F'lessan and Mirrim both impress. I'm thinking about submitting it to Lego Ideas (the successor to Cuusoo) once it's done, since there's a fairly large fandom, but I've not seen too many Lego creations based on it.

At this point I still need to build most of the cavern + seating, plus design some more minifigs, but the basics are there:

Any other fans of the series?

Any thoughts on the build so far? I'm totally game for suggestions on improving the design of the eggs in particular.
Here's my totally legit 24 hour bump.

Currently working on seating arrangements / the cavern structure and Ramoth (the mother / queen dragon). Need to extend the jawline a little bit, and figure out how to do the back part of the head. I'm hoping the body will be pretty easy from there.

I'm waiting to finish off the cavern structure until I get a sense of how big the main entrance will need to be to accommodate her entry and exit. It'll probably also include a bit more seating, and possibly some ledges for the other dragons to observe from. I might also add Lessa (Ramoth's riders) apartment, and the "secret" peephole + passageway used by youngsters to steal glances at the eggs without having to face the mama dragon.
Turned the seating into tunnels with glow-baskets. Spent most of today on adding POV-RAY rendering support back into the LPub instruction-booklet making software. The results are rather nice.

With POV-RAY (even has reflections on shiny things!):

I'm not a fan of the series, seeing as I've never even heard of it, but I do enjoy creating MOCs.
That looks very nice, and POV-RAY does give the image a more realistic look. How's it going with Ramoth? Did you solve the issue of the back of the head?
As for the eggs, do they HAVE to be attached to the base? If not, you could attach two 2x2 Domes with an axle to give a rounder look. And if you want my eggs, and have them be attached, I suppose you COULD use SNOT (Studs Not On Top, if you're not familiar with it) to attach them to a base, but the base would be much thicker. I'm not sure if that's what you would need, though.
And with the cavern, are you planning on using just a single hinge to connect them, or are you going to add a second?
I never really got into LDraw, I always preferred LDD... And I always preferred Windows over Mac, too.
I'll probably do 2 hinges, like I have been for the seating.
The eggs don't have to be attached but it would be nice for them to stand up, like the sand is supporting them. I'll look at your idea and see if I can come up with something to help them balance - the existing eggs aren't attached to the plate, they have a 2x2 dish on the bottom.

Haven't worked on Ramoth for the last couple days. My time was mostly on the seating / tunnel, and my modifications to LPub.

LDD didn't exist when I got into digital Lego. Wink
*one year bump*

I finally got the back of the head the way I wanted it, and improved the detailing and structural support elsewhere:

I also set up a GitHub page for the project, because versioning is great for art projects as well as code.
24-hour bump:

Got articulated neck segments polished off, and had the cool idea of using pirate-sail type cloth pieces for the wings, since it's that big.
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