Hi, I recently played around a bit with binpac8x.py, and realized that support for older platforms (TI-82,86) is not working as intended.

Namely I found:

- missing the $dc token before the on-calc program name required by CrASH et al
- calculation of binsize, datasize, and checksum is wrong, and possibly more errors in the header

- missing the $8e,$28 token at the end of the header
- calculations of binsize, datasize, and checksum are wrong
- on-calc filename is padded with spaces, this isn't necessary

Haven't had a proper look into TI-85, but files created with it also don't seem to work.

Well, nobody has noticed these errors in the 4+ years since binpac8x was released, so probably I'm the only one who cares, but I thought I'd let you know anyway.
Thanks for reporting these, utz. You are correct that very few compile TI-82 or TI-85 programs these days, and hence these bugs have gone unreported. In addition, the TI-82 and TI-85/6 support were not thoroughly tested before binpac8x was released, for which I apologize. I will certainly take a look at repairing these problems, though while I can verify the TI-82 fixes using jsTIfied, I may need your help with the TI-85 fixes. Can you be more specific about what's wrong with the binsize and datasize computations for the two calculators?
Hi Kerm,
Glad to hear you're motivated to fix this.
I've put a .zip file containing some files for side-by-side comparison at
The ones ending in ".ok" are the correctly packed ones, the others are created with binpac8x. Hope that helps. The 85s is for Rigel shell btw.
I've also thrown in a 73p for good measure, in case you're interested in adding support for that (I would certainly appreciate it). The format should be fairly similar to the 83's.
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