In the last few days I've been creating the character map of Casio PRIZM calculator. That means that I match every single character with their unicode equivalent. I'm writing a javascript-html5 based designer and code generator, that's why I started this.

I've already managed to find most of the characters but I just can't find out what this symbol means: (character code is 0xE5AE)

If you have any idea, what this is, please share with me!

(When I'm finished, I'll post the finished character map here Smile )
That symbol is, obviously, a 45 degree rotated square with a trapezoidal shape below, and the shapes share a vertex. Blame Unicode for not being up to the task when it comes to symbol representation: obviously, Casio's character map is way superior Wink
That's what I found: ▱⃟   (0x25B1 0x20DF)
It looks very nice, it's a square with a parallelogram too. But somehow, it's not exactly the same as this .... Smile
Here's the bitmap form (I can't edit my post....)

*bump* Did you ever finish this project? I'm working on making sure all of the Prizm's characters are in SourceCoder 3 properly, and this would help me verify that I didn't make any mistakes.
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