The CJK versions on text.asm could use preprocessor defines for each unique character, and then the PC utility would just need to generate a list of defines providing indices into the spritesheet, and the spritesheet itself.
Yep! I think the only tricky part will be mapping the Unicode strings to locations in the sprite sheet. Or perhaps doing it efficiently. I'll bet there's already some kind of encoding in place for this in devices like matrix LED signs. I'm still looking for 11x11, 8x8, and other fonts smaller than 16x16, so if anybody happens to randomly find one, feel free to share a URL.

This Week: Movesets

Here's a feature that makes it possible to play as other characters in later chapters: movesets! So far, there are 3 movesets in total: Edgar (normal), Edgar (on skateboard), Male_Generic (shown above).

A majority of objects in the game might have 1 or 2 sprites associated with them. For human (and human-like objects), which need a larger number of sprites, there is the moveset system. The moveset code will display sprites based on what the object is doing during any particular video frame. This will involve checking to see if the objects is stationary (ie: If X and Y velocity=0, then draw the "standing" sprite), checking to see if it is airborne (ie: If Z_position ≠ 0, draw the "jumping" sprite), ...and so on.

This will make it much easier to feature playable characters other than Edgar! I haven't decided yet if this game will ever use the party system of one character trailing behind another...but that's another feature made slightly easier by the moveset system.
That sounds amazing, having party members follow you sounds neat, too, but i can imagine it'd complicate things a bit. I love the cars rolling down the street below.
Yep. I'll definitely reserve party-based RPG coding for later releases. The party system could be done by creating a ring buffer of Edgar's last X-Y positions, and then drawing the other characters at those locations. I suspect this is what a lot of SNES games like Earthbound and Chrono Trigger did. It kind of complicates things because of the need to use safeRAM to do this. I could use Robot War's temporarily appvar, but it is already at 2.7kB in size as it is.

Lately I started playing Tom Clancy's: The Division. Very addicting game, and I don't play shooters very often at all. But other than extracting virtual smallpox-infected beanie hats a few hours a day, I haven't been too productive lately. Very Happy But work on RW is now resuming!
In Python, something like this would do the trick:


sprite_src = []
sprite_map = {}
for c in corpus:
  if c not in sprite_map:
    sprite_map[c] = len(sprite_src)
Well...moving sucks. I made some progress over the few couple of month on the coding. December might be slow while I look for a new apartment. I came to the conclusion I could use some help with some aspects of the story, so I'll be putting together something of a story board if anyone is able to help with the writing/character dialogs.
Any updates? I'd be happy to toss around some ideas to help get the creative juices flowing, can't guarantee they'll be any good though.
Yeah, I've been thinking of posting the source to try and make this a collaborative project. With machine learning really taking off the past few years it seems like I'm missing the boat. By the time this is done we might have actual battle bots roaming around.

I'm probably over-thinking the story line. For now, I think I'll back up everything I have and focus on coding the last of Oceanside.
Well you should probably keep full control over the story, but i'd be more than happy to help out with the coding.
I'm sad that this project appears to have died out. i was really interested to see the final project. if you ever resume work or if more has been completed, i would be grateful to see more too this as i expect it will turn out nicely. I'm sure if this was completed many people would enjoy playing it.
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