So the idea I had for a contest entry is a program that teaches using the bit operations to manipulate data. I have a few things in mind to incorporate into this and I'll see how it goes.

I've been having trouble time wise to program, so this is what I have after throwing a few key things together.

This part is a reference of the different operations. It shows the mnemonic, the name behind the mnemonic (for help remembering) and a description.



Yes I know the description gets wrapped a bit early, it was quickly done to see how it looks, working on a more complete small text display setup.

I plan on talking on how these commands actually get used as well as something interactive. [/url]
That looks cool and informative so far! Smile Eager to see what else you have in store for your contest entry!
thank you for finally posting up a topic about this project, pyromaniac! I know that a bitmath tutorial is something that is sorely lacking in our arsenal of teaching tools for assembly programmers, so it's great that you have taken the initiative in creating one. For the interactive part that you discuss, I presume part of it might be a quiz sort of thing that challenges you to complete bitmath operations properly?
Well I fixed up the description display a bit better.

I can use that routine to easily display and layout future text, so that will help in expediting those parts.

I also started on the interactive part however I do not yet have anything to show as I'm still trying to work out how some of the coding should end up.

My ideal goal with the interactive part is you can pick which operations to choose from, how many of those to use and it will randomly pick that many (and any extra info needed) and get a result. The result, operations and extra data will all be shown and you will have to put them together like a puzzle.

for example:
you have
rlc, xor and sla as operations
%10110001, %00011011
ending with result
What went on?

I want to make sure I truly think that over so it can work well and also be used as an interactive quiz of a single operation.
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