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Many, MANY apologies go to CalcGuy123 who thought of this idea and posted it before me. The interesting thing is, I actually thought of this idea in my dreams last night Surprised
Anyway, this will be in TI-BASIC (programmed for the 84pcse), maybe in hybrid. It would teach users about the elements and such modes:
Displays shorthand (for example, Au) and asks what the element is (Gold)
Displays name (Titanium) and asks what shorthand is (Ti)
Gives basic chemical formulas (NaCl) and asks what it is (Salt)
Gives total (Hydrogen Peroxide) and asks for formula (H2O2)
And finally, a mode where all 4 are jumbled together and yeah, it may or may not be really hard.
Hopefully I can do well on my 1st contest and I'll keep everyone updated as often as possible... (caution: I may or may not do well as my Windows computer died and I can't get TiLP to work)
Wanna have the source code? TOO BAD!!! I work alone on this project Cool
You win.
CalcGuy123 wrote:
You win.
I believe Asian is even more of a TI-BASIC beginner than you; I strongly recommend you try hard anyway, and perhaps think of ways you can distinguish your program as the stronger with different features?
It's okay Kerm, I'm not giving up (yet)
CalcGuy123 wrote:
It's okay Kerm, I'm not giving up (yet)
Good! Nor should Asian, of course; the most interesting contest results occur when everyone tries their hardest regardless of their skill level. We have had some surprising upsets from relative newbies in past contests, for sure.
I'm pretty sure I commented on this topic: was it censored?
KermMartian wrote:
We have had some surprising upsets from relative newbies in past contests, for sure.

Contest #10 Rolling Eyes
I have the main ideas of the program written down and I've begun programming. Here is a screenshot:

I'm going to add color and make it look a LOT better, that will come in a bit.
This is the first program I've actually optimised by myself (without any help from others), yay!
lol, dat ad doh...
Edit: Here's the icon:
xD I love the ad it made me laugh
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