post here when you cant sleep....for people like me, Kerm, and Swivelgames. :-p
Well, here's my story. My college has a wretched class called DLD - Digital Logic Design (EE150). It's required for every electrical engineer, and it's well known as a class with a terrible grade-to-work ratio: in other words, lots of nights spent in the lab. This past day/evening/night/morning I have spent in the same lab. I caught a 5 minute nap and a 1.3 hour bit of sleep. On the plus side, I got my circuit designed and I'm building it now.
Got here: 11:05am Sunday
It's now: 7:56am Monday
I was busy thinking about CORDIC algorithms, but too tired to actually program any. instead I ended up helping swivel fix his computer via Remote Desktop.
Ah, nice. I'm sure you installed some nice little backdoors while you were at it. Just Joking
KermMartian wrote:
Ah, nice. I'm sure you installed some nice little backdoors while you were at it. Just Joking

lolz, one of the great things about windows is you don't need to install backdoors, it comes with a whole bunch of em pre-installed Laughing Razz
Very Happy So true. This is why I need to dual-boot Ubuntu.
Ubuntu looks like someone took a poop on your screen.
Confused Huh Question
You can change the color scheme, you know...
On my way home now, woot = sleep! Smile
i can't sleep so i code lol
heres is a small sample of my beta EZ-coder for blockland

that is 1173 lines and its not done lol
so do i win lol?
KermMartian wrote:
You can change the color scheme, you know...
On my way home now, woot = sleep! Smile

Going to the "City that never sleeps" to get some sleep, the irony is killing me Laughing
Going to? I'm always here, and I get more sleep than 85% of my classmates. Smile
So anyway, today is going to be a much more alert day for me than yesterday. Very Happy
I got 10 hours of sleep. after dinner I got yelled at by 2 girls on IM, then went to bed planning to get up in a little bit. when Mom and Dad got home I was sound asleep.
Haha, nice. I got about 9ish hours.
problem being that now I am screwed in the homework department. *sheepish*
Ha, welcome to the club. Got a PChem problem set due at 6pm today, and a 15-page lab report to write for tomorrow. :/
I have been trying to find a way to get Fedora Core 5(Linux) on my computer.
The download for the first CD was not even moving, the download said it would take
6Days and 9Hours. So I have been staring into space
(actually the space background on my comp) tryingto find out a way to get Fedora
Core on my discs. Theres 5 Discs and 1 Dvd CD(the DVD cd is about 3gigs).
So mostly I have done nothing while not being able to sleep.

That was my story from last night.

Tonight I predict that I will, for once, go to sleep early. If I am correct I win a
million dollars paid by myself. If I lose then I have to pay a million dollars to myself.

That was pointless I know, but I am tired. And you cant call down a tired man.
It'll make him cry. lolz. Laughing

Either way you're out a million dollars. Very Happy
Confused Never thought of that, lolz. I had better start saving up. Very Happy
By the way Kerm, alot of the time I will start uploading some of my 305files
to my new forums to get them running, do you know if theres a smaller version
(file wise) to help lower the file upload time? Its taking for ever to upload these to
my site. And how in the world can 305files and 20folders add up to like 3mb???
Thats just wierd, anyway please help Kerm.

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