Could anyone send me a link for z80 by ramesh solution manual for i am doing self study in it... i searched a lot in many search engines and no gains only the one found is solution of ramesh for 8085... thx in advance...

Rodney Zaks is also available as a PDF on the web and this is the one I have used. ( I actually purchased the book legitimately as it's great bedtime reading Smile)

I hope this helps. Are you developing for the TI platforms or just using this for studying computer science ?

Feel free to introduce yourself here -->
thanks a lot for your reply it helped me a lot... but do have a link for the solutions of the questions at end of chapters?? of ramesh to be sure of my solutions... and if i want to try the programs which z80-simulator for windows platform do you advice me to use as a beginner ... I am doing it for studying computer sc. ... thanks again...
I don't have a link for the solutions as I have not used this book. I have however used this IDE simulator:
Z80 Simulator IDE official web site is on the following address:
Its available to use on evaluation but will request that you eventually pay for it.
You could use our tools on this site if you don't mind using the TI calculators as a convenient platform. Also check out Wabbit Z80 emulator. You will need to own a TI calculator in order to dump a ROM image to legally use any emulator. There are many options here and I have given you just a few. The Z80 is now nearly 40 years old so there is a huge amount of information available if you search the web. It is now used mainly as an embedded controller for many cheap applications so it's still relevant. I hope all this helps.
thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for the great help and time... i will try it...
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