So, some time ago, I released a program called gCn Helper. it was made to assist people who had no experience with using a command line, by providing an interface for selecting options.
Download here at

While not complete, it does work for DirectUSB, and I think that the other USBHID and Arduino options may work (though, no one has ever tested this).

Basicly, it takes the input from the user, and builds the command line for the gcn client from that. nothing fancy. it DOES require that you can run the gCn Client (ie filter driver installed) and it DOES require that the gcn client be in the same directory (unzip it yourself, I dont think that the downloader button unzips it properly, if at all).
also, futher development on this wont happen, since it is made in the Multimedia StudioII, which is no longer registered to me. I may buy it again, though, to rewrite this application from scratch.
since you said over IRC that you HAVE indeed clicked the button, I have only one possible issue. it sounds much like you failed to unzip the gcn client and place it in the same directory this application is in. assuming you have downloaded the client with the "Get gCn" button, navigate explorer to the folder where you have the gCn Helper at. you should see a zip folder there that wasnt before (likely named gcn client or somethingly like that). unzip, and cut&paste the gcn client.exe file to the same folder as gcn helper.exe
I would also recommend making sure your filter driver is installed. please regard to the gcn client documentation on this. the filter driver wizard should come with the gcn client.
It says:
Info: Using default server host
Info: Using default port 4295

But Gossmaer won't load
when the big black dos-box of doom sais this, its time to hook up your calc. but, what happens if it doesnt connect?

well. presuming your filter driver is working (AND the calc is in the appropriate USB slot for the filter driver!), this issue is usually caused by improper setup of the calculator.

with the gcn client at this stage of connection, turn on your calc (if you havent done so allready). since a few people (me included) turn off the home-run hook of DCS, turn that on for good measure, and then return to the home screen of the TIOS.

hook up your calc. it most often connects.

If the gcn client window hasnt changed, I suggest opening up DoorsCS7.2. If, even then, there is no change, make sure that you have set up the client properly in the gcn Helper.

if all else fails, go back to manually setting the config for the gcn client. if, even then, it doesnt work, I suggest pushing this issue further. past this point, you may have to get Kerm's help, since I didnt make the gcn client.
here's what I did:
Open command prompt
cd <my directory to gCn Helper>
gcnclient <all arguments>

it worked but still won't connect
ok, I got the console for gCn to work. But when I install the filter, the computer wants me to troubleshoot the driver and repair it by reinstalling the driver
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