I figured out how to create a circle using Sin( and Cos( but i can't seem to figure out how to make a pixel move about that circle at a certain speed relative to actual seconds, not exactly like a clock but the same basic principle.
I know how to get an accurate timer using startTmr and ChecTmr( but i don't know how to divide the circumference of the circle into specific portions so that i can move a pixel around it in a certain amount of time.
you know that 2*pi is one whole circle, so you multiply that with how many seconds fraction you have that to put it in your sine/cosine.
So for x-pos/y-pos you'll have something like that: (S being the seconds)

x: sin((S/60)*2*pi)
y: cos((S/60)*2*pi)
Thanks, i figured it out for the most part before i read your post but i was using 6.3 (just some number i pulled out of nowhere) instead of 2*Pi and was relooping the program to the beginning every minute. That was causing a lot of complications so I really appreciate the help.
This wasn't explicitly stated in the topic, and I'm sure you figured it out, but for the sake of future visitors to this thread, I want to clarify what sine and cosine are actually for in this case. Given some particular angle theta, the point x=cos(theta), y=sin(theta) is at an angle theta from the origin (0, 0) at a radius (distance) of 1. If you want a point a different radius R away from the origin, you'd use x=R*cos(theta), y=R*sin(theta). Finally, if theta is in degrees and you want radians, you multiply by the conversion factor: pi radians = 180 degrees (ie, radians = (pi/180)*degrees). If theta is in radians and you want degrees, you multiply by the conversion factor: 180 degrees = pi radians (ie, degrees = (180/pi)*radians).
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