How do you do this? It gives me the incompatible file type when on Send To TI Device Menu?
TI-Connect has a seperate application for upgrading OSs. look for the "TI OS Downloader" from the start menu, and use that.
I also want to do this. Should I delete the operating system for my ti83+, and if so, how?

P.S. I use a mac

You don't need to delete anything before sending a new OS. Just turn your calculator off, remove a battery, hold the [del] key while plugging the battery back, connect your calc to your PC with the cable of your choice, open TI-OS Downloader and send your OS.
For the 84 cpse would one hold down the reset button to accomplish this?
Yes. For the TI-84 PCSE, you would hold the [ON] and [DEL] keys as you release the reset button on the back.
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