Hey everybody Spud again! Today I have a simple program that can help you sray on top of everything "calc". I call it Calc Hub. Calc hub has a whole list of forums and archives to choose from. You'll never miss any news or cool programs with Calc Hub at your side! Calc Hub also features a built in IRC client for those of you who frequent the Cemetech or OmniMaga IRC channals. And with that said here's a screen shot!

I'm looking for people to test this to H311 and would like people to be honest. If you are interested just post below with your feed back. I would love to know what you thing is done well and what needs work. I am also up for feature requests although please be reasonable. This is an app written primarily in HTML and JavaScript so keep that in mind. Please post your feature requests in the topic on redrockforum.cf or in the forum below.

!!!Update 1.1!!!

This update features:

More forum and archive sites

A new Wiki tab in the side bar

Resizeing the GUI wont ruin it


Can you maximize the window?
you can but it doesn't line that great.
The readme says it's GPL 2, but there's no code in the archive. Have you released the code somewhere else?
No all the code is in the App.htm file the only thing that is not released is the program that displayes the App.htm and even then you can use any browser in its place.

If you would like the code for the web display I can post it.
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