Do you want pure Basic or libs?
 10%  [ 1 ]
pure Basic
 90%  [ 9 ]
Total Votes : 10

I thought it was speed coding Kerm, not Power Coding.
I just made the logos that Brazucs asked me to. I thought it was speedcoding too.
oh ok, Looks good anyway Smile . Good Idea
Heh, thanks. Took me a grand total of 2 minutes to make. Cool
We have a winner! click
Congrats, and good work everyone.
I'm assuming you will host a similiar contest in the future. If so, then I will try harder next time.
There will be Smile
April 22nd at 7PM GMT now. It'll be both ASM and BASIC, z80 and 68k. 2 hours for Basic, 3 for ASM!

Hope to see ya there!
3 hours for ASM? This should be quite interesting... Very Happy
Get ready to rumble! Check out for more info!
If only there were some way to get BZC to work perfectly five hours from now. Then I could make an Asm program in less than three hours. Evil or Very Mad
Heh, I don't know if that's allowed for the contest though.
Contest has begun! Visit for more info!
Technically it is compiled into Asm... The Anti-Nibbles topic just gave me a great idea. Brazucs, as long as you avoid something, it is good for that topic right?
I would guess so, but you better wait for Brazucs.
The contest is over! You can vote here:
I hope I win the contest. The votes are not in my favor though. I'm sure anyone who's been here a while knows who I am.
I won because I was the only ASM entry

Good luck everyone Wink

I worked for 3 hours during the contest, trying to find this bug. And not ten minutes after I looked at the source after dinner, I found the problem. Brazucs is going to post my fixed entry. Since I'm the only one in the category so it doesn't matter anyways

Edit: I voted for you Something Wink
If only BZC was fully functional... Nah that would have been an unfair advantage over hard-coding Asm. I think the Penalty program is pretty nice.
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