Do you want pure Basic or libs?
 10%  [ 1 ]
pure Basic
 90%  [ 9 ]
Total Votes : 10

jpez wrote:
How long till it ends?
Ends in about (+30 minute extension!): 01 Hour, 39 Minutes, 46 Seconds
Hmmm, this is quite difficult...
We wanted to make it a bit difficult to bring the times a bit closer, but turns out we made it a bit too tough (hence the 30-minute extension Razz).
How long now? Very Happy
about 25 minutes
Cool, how's everyone's entry going?
All done! 7 submissions!

You can vote here:
contest is over. everyone is done. we had to write something about chain reactions.
Looks interesting! Can'twait to see how it turned out.
Sourcecoder seems to have screwed up Drop.
Elaborate please. Have I mentioned it's a beta? Wink
it didn't parse all his L2 tokens.
Due to some unforeseen events that barred me from reaching a computer, I could not upload my entry in time. I planned on modifying the prototype engine for Battleship in order to make a Blob Wars Game . It was very buggy with only ten minutes left until end of contest though. Maybe next time.
elfprince13 wrote:
it didn't parse all his L2 tokens.
What did it parse the remaining L2s as?
L2, as in L*2
Weeeeird...wait, wasn't it actually like that in the prog though??
Man, that stinks I had my prgm done and ready but it compiled in source coder wrong! Mad . I wish I knew that it was {L2(2)} instead of L2(2)!!! UGH! that costed me votes Crying .
I'm sure they'll understand what the problem was and fix it up for ya...
That's why I do all my coding in my notebook and on my calculator.
This looks really interesting. What's the prize?
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