We won a Capture the Flag match last week! We have won a lot of other matches, of course, but I happened to grab a screenshot of this one.

yep, ahelper is in the screenshot too Razz. I was a bit late in grabbing the screenshot though.

Just relaxing on the beach #cemetechutthings

pyrotechnic capturing the flag in overtime to win the match.

Pretty neat how this match ended, got a nice flag to pose with.
Here is a recording of the last match Smile

and another

A third.

Watch where you point that SPMA...

Oh, hello there.
Haven't uploaded in a while, here are some recent ones:

The strength of that explosion killed gravity

import antigravity


That tree total grew into my manta. I was there first.

This lift supports vehicles!

I can fly my hellbender up to get the sniper rifle


Half of me teleported

Delicious scores are delicious

It's lonely on the server ;-;
I will put some time and try and get my copy of UT2k4 running on my Mac again. It's hard since the installer runs on Rosetta, which Apple no longer supports and I think the updated installer, made by fans, was having issues on OS X a few years back.
Just remembered I bought it, and just now installed it Razz
After a long hiatus, we finally had some server activity!

It's not entirely obvious from the screenshot, but AHelper, commandblockguy, CVSoft, and myself played a lot of TAM and a little VCTF, and much fun was had. For health, sanity, and happiness, I'm sure we'll be playing more UT2004 in the coming days/weeks, so if you own it but haven't played in a while, or you've never tried it, you should join us!
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