Lately, there has been a bit of controversy about BPC, Birdman, and n00bs in general. I'm stuck in the awkward position of not wanting to censor anything or anyone, and not wanting Cemetech to gain a reputation for n00b-bashing. I for one know how terrible it feels to be flamed and bashed continually at a site, and I certainly want Cemetech to feel welcoming for newbies. I also don't want to become like a certain Eric Hartman (Badspot), the Blockland forum admin, who censors ANY negative posts. I think that there's nothing wrong with healthy critiquing, but I and many others have noticed somewhat unwarranted hostility between several parties in the last two or three weeks. In order to resolve this, several admins, mods, members, and outside mediators have worked out a tentative solution:

Effective immediately, blatant criticism and flaming of any member without basis will be evaluated in determining if a member is abusing their posting or other privileges. Feel free to speak your mind; you will not be punished for telling someone that their program is bad, their coding skills suck, they need to hype less, etc. However, only mention a specific issue once or twice. Then go on to come up with constructive suggestions on how to improve/correct the issue. If you repeatedly or overly abusively flame a member for the same issue, I authorize TIFreak8x to institute a temporary or permanent reduction of status. To wit: admins become mods, mods become regular members, and regular members are banned. Repeated offenses will cause either continued temporary reductions in status or permanent demotion or bans, depending on the severity of the offense.

March 2012 Update
No single site leader, including myself, runs the whole TI calc / Casio calc / computer programming community. My (and my staff's) respect or lack thereof for your religious views is independent of my regard for you as a coder - as is anyone's sexual orientation. The focus of Cemetech is on programming and technology, not on religion, sexuality, politics, etc.. We welcome anyone and everyone who will participate in that goal. Everyone is welcome here if they come to write cool code, learn to program, and show of software and hardware projects; just remember that any blatant proselytizing to the detriment of our programming/tech discussion will be frowned upon, as will any blatant harassment of any members who just want to program.
I hope we can all <_< abide by this,
Does it sound fair? Can you think of anything to add or remove from it?
Sounds good to me. Smile
Alrighty, this is now an official Cemetech rule.
pin it.
Administrative decision hereby excludes the S.N.O.T.Y. topic from this rule.
*nump* Six years later, an update based on a recent incident elsewhere in the community.
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