Hey all, I desided to make a thread to post your GIMP work. I also wanted to compliment Kerm on the GIMP Portable idea. Anyway I made these 2 days ago when I did'nt have any internet access. Post your Gimp Art Work here too.

My Art:

Hope you like 'em.
I notice they seem to have the same general theme - how do you do that particular effect?
They all came from one pic that I played around with. Mostly I used the Red Line Gradient and played around with it. They all fit on a page, they have about a half inch border to go around an 8.5 inch by 11 inch page.

I was going to make something for my dads business but can veried off course a bit Laughing . I enjoy making pics like that though.

EDIT: I used the Illusion effect and the RedLine Gradient to make the base of all these
pretty cool looking. Im gonna move this to the graphics section
Good stuff; ty. I agree, it's amazing what you can do just by messing with different combinations of filters in boththe GIMP and PS.
Here's some minecraft work I did yesterday.

Surprisingly, there's a topic sticked for this exact stuff in this forum category. I recommend you post there.

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