I am interested in modifying the 2.5.3MP operating system for the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition. I would like to know where to start and the various tools and skills that a project like this involves. At first it would probably be things like changing strings and small ui changes, but in the end I would like to add features as they come to me. Any help would be appreciated.
First, i think you must understand the legality of this venture. It's okay for you to make the patches and test them yourself, but once you get to the point where you want to distribute the patches, then ask thoroughly before you distribute.
Ordelore makes an excellent point. And if you DO end up distributing patches, you should always distribute them as hex diffs (no, not "HEX"), never as downloadable ROMs. That would count as redistributing TI's copywrited code.
It was meant to be just for me, so that is not a problem. If I where to release patches I would make an app to patch the stuff on the calculator itself.
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