So, I used an ASM program recently, but it crashed (may I say spectacularly!). I had made a BASIC game the other day, but it was not backed up at all. Is there any way I could recover it?
And, by the way, I do not have a USB cord.
If you didn't archive it, it's gone.

Occurrences like this are why I and many others use and would recommend using an application like zStart or DoorsCS, which allow programs to be edited and run from archive. Then you just archive programs as soon as you make/receive them and don't have to worry.
Or, like me, you create group files as backups before switching to another task.
Careful though. Extra programs make extra crashes.

Omnicalc has RAM Recovery, but I don't know how to use it.
I have edited your post to give it a more meaningful title. In the future please don't make such vague topics as "HELP!".
I agree with using Doors CS to allow running and editing BASIC programs from Archive, and thus being able to keep your projects-in-progress archived. Certainly saves headaches when a poorly-debugged ASM program crashes your calculator.
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