It does have a Build All feature, though I've never used it. I just do it based on each tab that I have open, since I bounce between programs and appvars a lot
The build all feature doesn't actually work right now. There's no one-click solution to building and saving all open tabs. F5 builds and saves (and Ctrl+F5 does AppVars). You'll have to Ctrl+Tab then F5 through the open tabs if you want to do all of them.

Also, forgot to mention:
tifreak8x wrote:

Not sure if this will help isolate the issue with appvars not being tokenized.

This is fixed now.
Using the color spriting tools that Tokens offers, when I go to open up a new image file, it brings up the open search box like normal. If I go to double click on a file name (which the search box overlaps the sprite since I have it zoomed in to see details) it ends up changing the color of the pixel as it opens it. Ctrl Z reverts the overall image back to the previously opened one. It seems to be okay if I just single click a file name and hit enter. Not sure if there is something you can do for that, but figured it should be noted none the less.
Bug report: xLIBC sprite var (8xv) exporting does not work. The appvar is created, but when listed in TI-Connect it says "Incompatible type" and cannot be sent.

I use Windows 7 and the latest version of TokenIDE. I tried with lowercase and uppercase file names of less than 8 characters, starting with an uppercase letter, to no avail.

EDIT: Nvm, I just realized appvars must start with an uppercase letter. It might be good if TokenIDE warned users about that or automatically changed it, though.
The little xLIBC tool i have (that i dont think i released) converts to UPPERCASE automatically to ensure this doesnt happen. Might be a good idea.
Yeah, but it doesn't support Photofiltre Studio, Paint nor images.
Yeh sorry, i mean might be a good idea to force UPPERCASE, i dont think my util is useful to anyone but me Smile.
It's probably be wise to prompt the user if they have lowercase letters. I don't want to force anything if I can help it, but I can certainly let them know.
Also, I think saving to 8xv appvar is broken for sprites. My guess is that TokenIDE rotates the sprite order by 90° upon saving, because this is how a tilemap of mine looks like from an appvar generated by tr1p1ea:

And this is what it looks like with TokenIDE sprite appvars:

Ignore the bottom junk in both screenshots.
That bottom one was looking rather interesting.. Very Happy
Can you send me a pic and the appvars and program? I've not run into this issue (and I use it to generate my sprites).
I e-mailed you the zip file I sent to tr1p1ea last night to the e-mail address attached to your author profile. It includes the appvars and pics of them.

And yeah the PNG file was made using Photofiltre Studio under Windows 7 64 bit if that matters.
So, I'm not sure what's up with the appvar created with tr1p's tool, but it's inconsistent with what is actually supposed to be there. My understanding of how the sprites are laid out (from making BlockDude and DinoPuzz, as well as this, and based on his test program and appvar from long ago), is that the sprite number does down and right. So, in your sprite sheet, the fire tile is 08. The tree tile would be 71 (instead of the E1 you have).

As an example, take the TESTTILE appvar that I got from Tr1p:

And the test map which starts with
0x14 = 20, so count down to the 20th tile. It's the fence. If you count left instead, it's the tree trunk. The rendered map has the fence:
So, while waiting for confirmation from Tr1p1ea about this weirdness. I've added two new features:
middle-click closing to of tabs:

Sprite index in the sprite editor:


EDIT: Quick fix to closing tabs with middle click. It now prompts you when you're trying to close.
*bump* Okay, talked it over with tr1p. DJ: Basically, it's just a matter of consistency. Tr1p's tool converts images different from mine. Neither is wrong, per se, but you just need to be consistent with it. If you're unable to convert the data easily to use my sprite format, I can write up something to do it, or you can just keep using the appvar tr1p gave you.
I like the update Very Happy

Once I finish current projects and delve into xlibc, I will grab this. For the moment, no real reason to. soon, though Smile
Ok thanks Merthsoft.

Regarding double click to close tabs, thanks for adding a warning, since some people could accidentally close tabs with it XD
Over in another post, I got this information from Kerm:
Kerm wrote:
- Image file contents: 82 rows, 133 columns, so every pixel is expanded to be 2x2 LCD pixels. Each pixel stored takes two bytes, and is packed as a 5-6-5 R-G-B value. Although image files are stored in row-major order, they are stored bottom-to-top, like BMP images, so left-to-right and bottom-to-top. Inexplicably, each row is padded with two extra bytes, bringing it to 268 bytes wide. The total data in an Image is therefore 268*82 bytes.

I got an 8ca from tifreak that he generated from SourceCoder. Decoding it, I got this:

I also noticed something strange: The data section should be 21976 (268*82) bytes long. The file I got is 22245 (268*83+1) bytes long. That's basically an extra row, making 83 rows, and it looks right:

So, what's the actual right size?

EDIT: Got some files from tifreak that came with his calc. They are 22245 (268*83+1) bytes long, so the correct dimensions are 133*83. The first two bytes are something, I'm not sure. The first byte is always 0x81. The next one I'm not sure what it is.
Still not 100% sure on the format, but I can open, edit, and save them:

Can do pics, as well. Download at the place:
Nice work! ... *looks at wabbitemu* KermM no happy with you!

Did you get the info on the new xLIBC image format?
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