So, about a week or two ago, Stephen Wolfram announced the Wolfram Language. He released this video.

What do you think? It's not completely released yet, but I do believe that Raspberry Pi users can download it for free along with Mathematica.

It certainly seems cool that you can achieve so much stuff in a single line of code. The W|A integration could also make for some interesting applications too.
My mind is blown.
Wow, that is pretty awesome
Yep ! I looked at this late last night and was suitably knocked off my chair.
The last time I fell off my chair was when I first saw Object Orientated Programming (many years ago). This guy is one clever dude.
Interestingly he dropped out of Eton and Oxford, but still managed to gain a Ph.D along the way.
It has arrived! Steven Wolfram announced the new Web Console on Twitter today.

Try it here!

When this was first announced, it seemed like something like would have very specific and even limited uses in the typical "cloud" application, despite how exceptionally cool and powerful it seems. Now that it's complete, I'm afraid that my opinion hasn't (yet) been changed, but if I see some cool applications and widgets that make use of the library and language, then I suspect I may reverse my positiion.
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