How do I gut a link cable's plug to find out what wire does what (clock, data, and ground)? I am trying to build a gCn bridge, but I don't know what does what...
Would you be interested in an arduino shield that has the interface on it?
You mean a gCn bridge on a shield? Yes, yes I would! If you are implying that you would sell one, I would buy for sure as long as it isn't too pricy, and it works with the gCn program or a mod for the program.
I'm finishing up the BOM and layout for an Arduino shield that's a gCN bridge, more details are here

I haven't costed it out yet, but I would be surprised if it ended up being more than $20.
Also, to answer your original question, you should use a continuity tester, a multimeter in resistance mode, or even just a pair of AA batteries and an LED. Using one of those three tools, you can figure out which band on your 2.5mm stereo plug corresponds to which of the three wires in the cable.
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