Hey folks, made a couple programs but would like to merge them together with a menu.

1. prgm title
2. prgm title
etc etc..

How would I link the titles to the codes (If possible without having all the programs seperate on the calculator.)

I think you might want to elaborate a bit, I'm not quite sure what you're wanting, here.
If I'm understanding this right, to get one single program, then one thing you could do is use SourceCoder 3 to copy one entire program to the other one, so you should have one single file. Then, you need to search the file and make sure that none of the variables and labels colliding from separate codes. After that, you need to add the menu at the beginning of the program, with the labels going to the separate parts of the code.
I think he's asking about essentially packing multiple programs (as lines of code, of course) into one program variable. I'd go about it this way:
:Lbl AZ
:Menu("CHOOSE PRGM","SOMETHING",theta1,"ANOTHER",theta2,"THE THIRD",theta3,"QUIT",Q
:Lbl Q:ClrHome
:Lbl theta1
:....code of first program
:Goto AZ
:Lbl theta2
:....code of second program
:Goto AZ
:Lbl theta3
:....code of third program
:Goto AZ
Hope this is what you're looking for. Just be aware that your "subprograms" can't have duplicate label names.
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