I promised to post these for Caleb and several other people, so here you go. I built a modest computer for the cost of <400$.

Processor: the Intel i3-3210. this processor runs at 3.6Ghz with 2 ores and 4 threads. im using a stock cooler.

Motherboard: MSi-z68A-g43 g3.

Video card: NVidea GeForce 620. I got this card for free.

Hard drive(s):
1 - Western Digital Blue 320GB 7200RPM hard drive.
2 - Old 40GB backup drive. still configuring the IDE►Sata converter.

RAM: 4Gb Kingston HyperX Blue.

Case: Rosewill Challenger, ATX Size. sorry, Benryves, but i couldn't find a cheap white tower i liked. black had to do. luckily, it isn't too much like a Darth Vader helmet.

PSU: Logisys 550W. i was unsure if it would work, because of how cheap I got it (21$) but it hasn't hiccuped once yet.

1) Ubuntu 12.04
2) Windows XP (to be replaced with 7 when I have the money)
3) Hiren's Boot CD (yes, i permanently installed this to a hard drive partition)

other peripherals:
1) Media card and floppy disk reader
2) borrowed CD drive (hp origins)
3) standard PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard
4) X-Fi Soundblaster audio card
5) generic firewire card (just for the heck of it)

I'm still ironing out things in it but it runs blazes faster than my craptop, so i'm happy.

to do:
1) get power extension cables. my current wiring isn't long enough to utilize the back area for hiding cables, so i'm blocking airflow Sad
2) try to figure out why, from a cold boot, why POST takes 3 minutes. i do know that it locks up for some time during the hardware check, but i haven't tried to figure out what device would cause it, and whether a bios update would solve it.
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