Mmm, sweet, thanks for noticing that. I just was looking at it myself, actually, and I was thinking I might leave it until the top-secret Smile Cemetech TAI project is complete. (Don't get too excited, it's just a backend optimization).
Well, you know what they say, 'Great minds think alike'... Smile
Laughing Is that how it goes? It could also be "fools think alike", although I doubt it. Very Happy
Or 'Great mind...' sorry Kerm! Razz Just Joking
Just finished #5! Thought you might have noticed anyway. Smile


Now to Do:

1. You should change the date format on last post date because right now it only display the hour/minutes/seconds and the name of the last member whop posted in a section of the forum, not the date.

[Done] 2. You should remove from the link section because it's shutting down.

[Done] 3. Update smilies to old style.

[Done] 4. Complete link recoloring.

[Done] 5. Custom add/reply/quote/delete etc. buttons.

[Done] 6. Custom poll images.

7. Make custom quote/edit/delete buttons.
Not really a bug, but I noticed something wrong in the link page: Actually Omnimaga is not really the home of Diortem, it's a like website, but only for RPGs. Actually Epic PRogramming Studio IS the home of Diortem (even though Diortem project is dead) Smile
Yeah, so the description should be "The home of the best calc RPG's on the web!" or something to that effect.

Hey Kevin, will you post TI-City up once I get it finished? And AOD: Revenge?
Hmm, and CivSim I? That's kinda an RPG... Smile
TI-Freak8x wrote:
Yeah, so the description should be "The home of the best calc RPG's on the web!" or something to that effect.

Hey Kevin, will you post TI-City up once I get it finished? And AOD: Revenge?
Yeah I might post them once they are finished, but I dunno for TI-city for the moment, as Omnimaga is supposed to be only for non-text-based RPGs, but so far it seems to be very complete so I might add it anyway Smile

As for civ sim, I dunno too since it's a strategy game, does it have a storyline?

EDIT: ouch! I just realised that I havent updated Omnimaga archives for a long while O_O Surprised
Hmm, you're right about that. Oh well. I think TI-City would fit well though.
How about Age of Darkness 1? That games is liked well enough. Look at the downloads it is getting at calcgames...
Oh yeah, I forgot about that.

I'm planning on making some kind of alert module today that will tell me if files have been rated or reviewed.
Heck, even my Final Fantasy game is fairly well liked.
I was suprised to notice that MegaMan for the TI-83+ has over 7,000 downloads. Surprised
yeah, and if you read the reviews, everyone hates the game. Laughing
No, not that one. This one: that I made.
oh, lol. I thought you meant that very pathetic attempt on the asm version... lol

That is pretty cool.

AOD has been on a year longer, and has 1000 more downloads...Very Happy
Aha! So mine has a higher dl rate! Very Happy
Yeah, but the same game on calcgames came on near the end of the year, and has almost that amount of downloads. And it has been reviewed 3 times, and rated 24 times... Smile
Cool. OK, I just finished my admin show latest script - check out (this will eventually be password-protected).
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