Check this out:

Have a serial (RS232) device that you need to convert over to USB? Simply replace the connector with this and you're done! (unless of course your design requires proper RS232 voltage levels).
Nice find, Ultimate Dev'r. The last time I needed a USB to serial board to wire into something (my eeePC), I just ripped out the converter from the "USB" Microsoft GPS module that I had gotten years ago.
We've got a couple USB to Serial adapters at work, they work pretty well. You can find a bunch of them out there.
DE-9, not DB-9. Razz
benryves wrote:
DE-9, not DB-9. Razz

Technically it's DE-9, but no one calls it that (because that would be correct and conforming to international standards Razz) I wonder if an actual DB-9 connector (9 pins in a B shell ("parallel port" size)) exists?
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