As of 10:15 p.m. EST, Win4Lin v5.17 with Windows 95 as the installed Windows version, was successfully installed on the new KyleCorp./Blockland server Very Happy

And there was much rejoicing Smile
so is the blockland server up and running then? what name/password/IP
More news!

Since Windows 95 isn't compatible with DirectX, I installed Windows 98 now (at 11:48 EST), and tyhat seems to be working fine; will post here agai when I get Blockland running; as for the stats, I still need for Kerm to give me those Very Happy
Yeah, I will.

One thing though, Kyle, I need you to set up some kind of FTP account for me into the Blockland directory so I will be able to update the maps when necessary without having to bother you.
YES!!!! YESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLOCKLAND IS RUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 2:13 p.m. EST, I have made history Cool

I had to install Cedega though; Win4Lin doesn't like generic video drivers with DirectX Rolling Eyes

As for the FTP account, I can do that; what do you want your username/password to be? (you can send me a PM if you want)

i discovered i can play from home (on dial up) with no lag... how strange... (actually, there is lag... but it all comes from the bricks, just like on any other connection), so i will be able to get on at times. im planning on buying a wireless phone jack and installing the base unit downstairs, so when i do, i will have internet access at night...
Right now I'm downloading TBM and AiO; I noticed that Cedega crashed when I tried to load The Slopes map...strange (the rest of the maps work though, just not that one).
sweet... dont forget to keep them separated... (different blockland folders)
Confused What do you mean? Right now I have TBM and blockland in the same folder...haven't installed AiO yet.
something in the agreement or something say that there can only be one mod per Blockland instalation. I have 3 installs, TBM, RTB, and AiO (which I can't get to work).
Oh...Confused So Kerm, which should we use? And please send me the maps and such...
install em all in the smae folder, then bitch if it doesn't work. If/when someone points out that the manual says not to do this, merely call them stupid.

What? its what everyone else is doing....
use TBM, that is what Kerm has been using for a while now.
Okay...for some reason only the bedroom maps work; all of the others stop at the lighting stage Confused

Oh, and how do you save in Blockland?
click ctrl+a and then in the save persitance box, put in a name and click save. You need a mod though, regular Blockland will not do this.
Okay, I made a small fort/border thingy in Blockland w/TBM; saved (now on to seeing if I can connect other comps to mine Very Happy).
I'm trying it now...

Edit: Can't see your server...
I've had my computer off for awhile...and it'll be off all this weekend and next week too, as I'm going to Georgia.
Fair enough, we'll try again when you get back.
w00t. Maybe I'll finally start playing this now that there's a server.
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