Derp Very Happy

Explain your username with a picture

I believe you're thinking of an avatar.
Confused What? I meant to explain your username with a picture

Why did you choose to be Ultimate Dev'r?
Derp wrote:
Confused What? I meant to explain your username with a picture

Avatars are typically meant to go with your username/personality.

Why did you choose to be Ultimate Dev'r?

I did not choose this title; it was given to me by an ancient samurai warlord after single-handedly annihilating a rival clan.
Oh, I see.
My username comes from a phoeneticization of my initials, with a "Martian" stuck on for good measure because I liked Mars a lot ten years ago. My avatar is me wearing some of the hardware from my Master's project.
My username is my first name and last initial. My avatar used to be a saxophone till it mysteriously disappeared.
Edit: I made a new one.
My dad has four published books on Tolkien, C.S. Lewsis, and fantasy in general.

needless to say, there was a strong high-fantasy influence on my childhood Wink

The thirteen is because I lied about my age when I signed up for Yahoo as a twelve year old. avatar is a picture of my hand holding a (GIMP'd) star.
elfprince13 wrote:
The thirteen is because I lied about my age when I signed up for Yahoo as a twelve year old.

If you're going to lie might as well overexaggerate and make it completely unbelievable; should've gone with 14.
My username came from shortening Crescent Door Inc Games down to CDI Games down to CDI.

My avatar is God from one of the earlier VGCats comics, the one parodying Black & White.
My handle Comes from the fact that my Last name means Storm in German and my Avatar is a screenshot from one of my first games.
It's my first name and my last name. Oh, and this.

In a CompSci Intro class in 2001, we had to create a "company" logo for all our projects. This is where my avatar (and the Omnimaga thing) comes from. Omnimaga = Omni + Magic

My nickname is because back in 2005 I used xLIB APP for the TI-83 Plus a lot. I changed to DJ Omnimaga in 2007, twice, but Cemetech forum crashes kept resetting my nickname and I stopped bothering to get Kerm to change it again.
Swivelgames came to me back in 2004ish. Originally I was "Wizard Gale" (*facepalm*) wayyyy back when I used to play Runescape day after day and ran the Wizards and Warriors clan. Anyway, TMI, lol. I came up with the name randomly after coming up with a logo of an old Atari joystick. I did a lot of pixel art way back then and drew up a pretty basic Atari joystick as a logo for what I thought to be a game development company I was starting. I started out with WYSIWYG-game creators, like FPS Creator, and never really progressed into anything put a TI-BASIC developer and then eventually learned some PHP, as I already had a substantial amount of JS experience before 2004.

And the lack of avatar is only because my lack of graphic design skills and colorblindness prevents me from designing a satisfactory one. Another reason for no avatar (the main reason, actually) is because I'm all over the board when it comes to my hobbies and interests. There isn't really one thing that can describe or represent me... except for maybe the tongue smiley Razz
The "Eye" part on my name comes from walleye, a type of fish I like to catch. They are commonly referred to as eyes. As for the "River" part, it comes from the fact that at the time I came up with the name, the bulk of my time fishing was spent on a river. Hence, I came up with Rivereye.

My Avatar atm is a Walleye, I think enough is said there.
my nickname is Dontar, I made it because I needed a new nickname when I joined an online guild/clan called SeeD because my first nickname was Guarddog.

I usually use an avatar based on a leopard, or I use Abel's picture from since I like that Incubus, looks like a cookie (and from last couple of comics, he apparantly smells like a cookie too)
I am quite sure I would be killed massively if I were to get an avatar here.

...Wait, my avatar isn't that kind of picture. :U

Alright. Meet Billy Charll, some random character I pixeled some day when I wanted to try pixel art.

He's come a long way.

As for my username, well, it's better than "kidtaz69", which is, uh, what my parents picked for me. x_X
"rthprog" comes from my first gmail account. I wanted to try out gmail (I was using hotmail at the time), and also wanted to use it for programming-related stuff, particularly when I was still into programming for PARALLAX microcontrollers. So I combined by intials (rth) with "program", and set it up. Eventually, I fell in love with gmail and switched everything to my "rthprog" account...
the origin of shmibs is a bit of a gray area. it began as a shortened version of my name and went through a series of transformations of a few letters at a time.
Shmibs, thanks for the tutorial into the mind of shmibs. Smile I've wondered idly about your username, since various monoalphabetic substitutions, reversals, and rearrangements don't really transform it into anything meaningful.
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