Alright, I am really just posting this here so I don't lose my idea before I get home. The idea is for a GUI which allows a super admin (or admin not really sure) to change the weather conditions. I am talking rain, snow, sunshine, cloudy, thunder and night. As well, we should get an artist to work on the rain and snow particles as they suck right now. We could also put the system in a default cycle of day and night with random rain & snow inserted.
We need to look into the possibilities of changing a skyboxes during a mission. I'd *rather* leave this up to map makers, or modders, but if there's a lot of interest it's worth doing, or at least making sure it can be done.
Yea, I would probably leave this up to the mappers and modders mostly, and fold it in later if there's enough popularity, and it came out well enough. I just wanted to put it down somewhere.
I rather like the Idea and I was planning on asking about having someone to make something like this on forum Sad ) but I forgot as soon as Freebuild started coming along with new info.
I agree, it's a great idea.

What about specifying, in the mission file, whether to use a specific fixed skybox, or give the ability to specify morning, afternoon, evening, and night skyboxes? Or even just day/night skyboxes.

If theres anyway to fade-transition between skyboxes (doubtful since we're on Torque, but would be nice), it would be nice to be able to specify 2-4 skyboxes to transition through.

Just a thought Smile
Skybox transitioning probably isn't hard. The lighting transition, on the other hand, would be a problem.
This is true... so very true.

The lighting isn't done realtime, you have to be in the editor to remap the lighting.

But if it's a slow transition, you might be able to implement something that remaps the lighting after every light change... that just seems so tedious and difficult though... and would require a not-so-smooth transition.
It's been discussed on GG, and the general thought is that it's probably not possible without a major overhaul of the lighting system.
Oh, no problem then. It will just be a matter of time before they rework the light system. We can just wait 'till then Wink
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