elfprince13 wrote:
KermMartian wrote:
Unless I'm misunderstanding you and you're talking purely about marketing.

This. at least from what he's saying, that's what it sounds like. I'm more and more thinking this is something we DON'T want to encourage, and that if someone cares enough that they're willing to write code themselves, well that's why we designed FreeBuild to be so extensible.

It is more or less a sort of marketing tactic, and its not specifically clans. people are more likely to try the game if an online community they are apart of has "something there." think of it as a IRC network, their groups exist in more ways than one. you have channels and user groups, some channels are registered and some are not, some represent communities and some are communities themselves, these are something like servers in Blockland. then there are groups among registered users, which exist for reason that vary as much as the reasoning behind channels.

I suggested this feature not to promote clans, but to allow them because they are inevitable, if for nothing else, the fact that they as a clan started to play Freebuild
I understand what you're saying, but I say until they start segregating themselves in to clans I don't think we should add the feature as it will only encourage it. If we leave it out, and clans are inevitable, then we'll at least prolong the segregation of the Blockland community. Wink
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