I've made a Sprite Utility that takes the data of a sprite and manipulates it to what you need it for. Right now, you can shift a sprite, flip it and convert it to interlaced format. I'm going to add rotation and possibly color inversion. It supports hex, binary, ASM and C styles, B/W and 4-color Grayscale. You can find it here.
Word up, very nicely done!
Thanks. I made it so that coverting from the z80 stuff that CalcGS spits out to what I need. I also have a working script on the backburner to do multiple sprites at once, but there's something in Mozilla that if you try to paste a large string into a box, it locks the box up for the session. On IE it works, but for some reason it makes the text pasted white and if you want to see it you have to highlight it. After unhighlighting though, it is black. IE safely did 75 sprites all in one go.
Cool, I have a computer file-->.83p/.8xp converter in the works that I plan to announce some time today.
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