Should we have a contest?
 56%  [ 9 ]
 18%  [ 3 ]
I don't care
 25%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 16

KermMartian wrote:
Wait, Svakk, are you coming up with rules for the Cemetech contest, or is this something separate from the Cemetech contest that you're hosting?
I was wondering the same thing. Confused

All of this seems very untraditional. Not to be rude, but I thought this was a Cemetech contest, and you seem to be implying control of this thing and even assigning Kerm tasks. And it seems like there is a much easier and structurally-sound way to organize all this, but I might be wrong.
Well, if this is for the Cemetech contest, there's a lot in those rules we would have to change. For example: "2). You may release screenshots of your progress and have others help you, but you may not have any help with your project." Cemetech contest standard rules state that any prerelease to an individual or a group, however small, merits immediate disqualification, including screenshots, code, links, and especially requests for assistance here or elsewhere on the internet. I can't really control you asking Cemetech members for help outside, but I'd hope they and you (the general you) would use discretion.

As swivel says, if this is indeed a Cemetech contest, I'm afraid I'll have to take the reins from you, although I'll certainly incorporate your helpful feedback. If you'd like to hold your own contest, feel free to do so, and we'll take our web design contest in another direction.

Oh, and yeah, feel free not to assign me tasks, thanks. Razz
Yeah, generally not a good idea to assign administrators tasks for projects, especially if you are not assigned to run it.

And yes, Kerm is right, all of our contests have been a single persons effort on new work. If you wanted to run your own contest on your own site, we can't stop it, and if your rules differed, people participating in both would have to follow ALL rules in both.

With that being said, am I still technically our official judge, or did that get revoked while I was gone?
rivereye wrote:
[...]With that being said, am I still technically our official judge, or did that get revoked while I was gone?
Nope, I'd love for you to continue to be a judge. Are you back for a while, or just stopping in to say hello?
hoping to come back for more long term. We shall see how long it lasts though.

Glad to see I am still am listed as administrator too, lol.
If I remember correct Tari was a judge in the last contest, He most likely would be will to contribute as a judge again.
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