Would you like to see a Blockland Racing setup
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 20%  [ 1 ]
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I just had a thought, what if you could make a Mario Kart 'ish Race game for Bolckland aka you get x amount of time to build you kart and then you race on a track, most likely built into a map. Along the route you could get some of the classic Blockland weapons to use against the other racers for instance DShiznit's Exploding Barrels or and of the guns. I think this would be a cool twist on things and would be a good way to make use of all of TBM/TBG's features. I think It would be a good Idea if there were prebuilt karts too and maybe bikes for the racers to use but it would defiantly be fun to do. IDK how possible it is to do this but if it is that would be awesome.
the topic I made about kier talking about building vehicles explains how this could be done.
There used to be a few maps with this concept and some rudimentary coding for it, but I don't think anyone ever used it seriously or extensively. It certainly sounds like fun to me, though.
Think Lego Racers online... but better! Very Happy That would be pwnageness...
calc84maniac wrote:
Think Lego Racers online... but better! Very Happy That would be pwnageness...

So, what, all the professionals have monstrously laggy cars of muscle-esque reputation and everyone else has a few bricks in haphazard formation?
Sounds fun. Very Happy
lol, this is planned for TBG, hence certain maps being prefixed with RC- Razz
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