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Cemetech Towers has evolved over the course of a week from a simple framework, to a single 48-story skyscraper with a central elevator system, to a pair of advanced office buildings with a connecting bridge. Together totally over 1,800 blocks, it's a massive build, so let's begin. Click any screenshot to enlarge it.

Cemetech Tower begins in Bedroom 2. Note the first two levels of the exostructure, the completed set of floors in the second level, and the incomplete prototype of the first level floors.

After a day, it had been brought to near completion in Cemetech City Remix. Fully 48 stories and encompassing over 900 bricks, 'tis truly a monolith.

Next we moved to BL-Grill and had a nice little DM. Interesting lighting effects on this level.

A single image from when I loaded it up in BL-RollingField.

Around 3am this morning, I decided I needed two towers and a connecting bridge. iGob, iGob, bridge. Done.

To help give you a sense of scale, I loaded them up in the Bedroom again. They take up over half of the floor space, and extend well through the ceiling.

Some more shots flying around the buildings.

This iGob contains CemetechTower3 (the single tower) and Cemetech Tower Pair (the double Cemetech Towers).
Cemetech Towers
Thanks, I'm really proud of how it came out. I can't wait for TBG so I can actually use them without massive amounts of lag. Smile
it pwns (just in case you couldn't tell Wink)
KermMartian wrote:
Thanks, I'm really proud of how it came out. I can't wait for TBG so I can actually use them without massive amounts of lag. Smile

What's TBG?
The Builders' Game. It's a prototype complete remake of a LEGO building game, not necessarily based on BL0002.
that sounds cool, let me guess, from the guys of TBM?
You got it. It will help us finally depart from the limitations of BL0002.
I can't help but notice how the twin towers look like the Petronas towers in Kuala Lumpur. Rolling Eyes
Oh shush. I made these up completely on my own. Razz The only thing that they're modelled after is Cemetech Towers. Smile
*bump* I recolored and improved these at some point, I'll have to post up some pix tomorrow.
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