There's something I need to say, and I would appreciate it very much if you would listen very carefully, and take note of it. These forums are some of the best I go to... but lately, I haven't felt the urge to post... Not because the topics aren't interesting, but because of the constant conflict. Certain members around here have inflated their egos to the point where they can no longer be contained, and must flail at other members.

I see it all the time... the senior members attacking the newer members. Heck, I'm guilty of it to an extent... but there comes a point where one simply has to say "Enough," and stand up what he or she thinks is right. In this case, I believe we need to do something about this. I know personalities clash, but this forum just looks more and more hostile with every day that passes... When threads are being started, and the first post instigates a flame war, that's just ridiculous. It's to the point where even the mods around here can't stop it. And that really, really irritates me.

So I ask you, is this what you want these forums to become? A flaming ground, a bitter warzone, a shadow of MaxCoderz?

Seriously, think about it... I'm not naming names, but anyone who visits these forums regularly knows exactly what I mean. Expressing your opinion is one thing, but doing it in a violent or angry manner is another.
I don't think egos are the problem (at least it isn't for me). I am frustrated by the sheer lack of effort on the part of those asking for help to do even a simple google search. All they want is a quick answer without any work, and that pisses me off (especially the 'I was in a hurry and didn't have time to search' - then you certainly don't need the answer immediately!) - so I let em know it in my post. Look at when foamy started (sorry to use you for an example, foamy Smile ) - he was as close to a 'perfect newb' as you can get. He demonstrated that he attempted to find a solution to his problem, spent some time actually searching, included detailed descriptions of the problem (and even a screen shot or two), and wrote his posts coherently and logically with few major grammar/spelling mistakes - none of the people I 'attack' exhibit even a fraction of that effort, so I respond with a similar attitude. My guideline is that a minimum of one (1) hour should be spent on google searching and trial/error before you ask about it here, as more than likely there have been people who have already asked the question somewhere on the internet.

Thats why sometimes I flame, and sometimes I don't - I don't hate anyone here, and I'm not out to flame the n00bs - just the lazy people.
I tend to think that (1) there needs to be a greater respect and consideration of those people that are just starting out in the TI community, while at the same time (2) having them do some research to figure things out for themselves instead of simply being lazy (which happens quite often, it seems). I don't think there is a need to bash anyone, unless they do something completely stupid or are asking for it (i.e. thinking their crap don't stink). You have to remember that those beginners are the future of the TI community, so it's vitally important that we help them get up to speed to ensure the community's future success.
I think all three of you have good points, but I disagree on a few others. First, let's discuss the points upon which I agree with you. I definitely think there are members here, myself included, who tend to get snippy with newer members. I think that in general, those who get sniped at did something to deserve disdain, for instance typing without proper spelling and punctuation (or asking something that could be answered with the simplest of JFGIings). I also feel that some n00bs have appeared who have been unnecessarily chewed out, but those are in the very small minority. So where do I agree with Alex? I think we should continue to chastise obvious knublets who fail at the basics of Google searching and forum etiquette, but I think our initial reaction needs to be substantially less intense than it is now. I think instead of starting with a massive flamefest, we should begin with chiding that is gentle while at the same time stressing and enumerating (again, gently) where the n00b went wrong. With any luck, the person will recognize their mistake and reform. If they continue the exact same behavior with repeated warnings, I think we would be justified in escalating our treatment, but again, I think it's never necessary to go completely overboard and rant at them. At best, ignore their topics; at worst, PM me and I'll give them a temporary suspension. Thoughts?
I think if someone asks a question, answer it, and then give a link and explain how you found it. If they do something that is not what should be, then point it out.
tifreak8x wrote:
I think if someone asks a question, answer it, and then give a link and explain how you found it. If they do something that is not what should be, then point it out.
So you're saying, for the first time at least, JFGI for someone who fails to JFGI. What if they continually ask such easy-to-research questions? Do you think we should continue to help them, or point out that they're wasting our time?
I say if they are repeat offenders, yes, we should point out where they should find it, and nothing more. Bad mouthing people will only make them leave.
I think the first time it should be pointed out, though just as a comment. Depending on the subject though, the question can be answered.
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