Do any of you know about the application language for TI-83+ called SLIDE? I just saw it and wanted to know a bit more.

No, but I'm sure the lovely 19 page PDF inside the ZIP you linked to can tell you enough to get started Razz

I did look through it, and it seems to be a crippled mix of BASIC and ASM
Yeah, i read them, and am being frustrated by the bad help files on there program editor, i was just wondering if anybody had hands on experience.
It looks like it was written for a TI contest - judging by the DO NOT DISTRIBUTE notices all over the place, I don't think it's complete.
the demo apps looks great.
Pseudoprogrammer wrote:
the demo apps looks great.

Thats because thats their point. You can make a demo app of any horrid language still look good, especially if you are the creator of the language and know the ways around the limitations (or recode it so that the limitations don't affect your program)
look at the DetachedSolutions SoC page.
elfprince13 wrote:
look at the DetachedSolutions SoC page.
You mean the project proposals section? I'm thinking of entering this year.
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