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Added update to front page news, and added discussion link.
Excellent Dan, thank you as always. Smile
w00t, I'm on the main page. Very Happy

Looks good Kerm. I think people will get a lot of use out of this feature.
I think so also.

I wonder how many times I have made front page news here.
Heh, I was just looking through the old news list, and I noticed that "Cemetech News Article #00097" is from 1969. Was this an april fools joke or something?
Awesome. I've found a bug though - executing basic programs resets the cursor. Added to bug list.

Edit: @Chipmaster: php date bug.
Doors doesn't reset the cursor everytime you start it, right? I think it'd be much better if (and it probably does) it would keep the custom cursor.
Chipmaster wrote:
Doors doesn't reset the cursor everytime you start it, right? I think it'd be much better if (and it probably does) it would keep the custom cursor.
Confused Ummm, why I would I want it to reset every time?! That wouldn't be very intelligent of me... Smile
Just checking. Thought it might be related to the BASIC resetting bug.
Nope, and it actually only seems to occur on my 84. Hmm, this bears further testing. Bug added to the wiki, btw.
a few time ago i have that idea to but as i'm without space in macrodie well it's king pretty routine but you could optimize it a little in order for more speed... but i have some ideas that i will implement on macrodie now that he is a 2 page app like screensavers you could put the user to define an custom screensaver that runs on interrupts only disable the hardware interrupts when you activate it another thing you should do an customization library for the windows for example an programmer should be able for choosing between defaults and other kind....
The problem with an interrupts-based screensaver is that you're severely limited by the RAM areas available to you, the stack limitations (hardware and FPS), and the low execution time you need to keep to prevent primary slowdown.
i found a way on macrodie if you look closer to the source macrodie already implements interrupts then it call's $8245 well i think this is the right value at this address there are a call to eatch program activated on memory that's way i say macrodie is multitask because all programs must register their background are with the invoke( ADD_program_to_background ) function this will allocate an call address in $8245 table... another thing is that macrodie disables all hardware stuff when an interrupt triggers, well i will release soon an mouse edir routine that if you like you could implement, another option is a implementation of a user specified boot splash screen i've seen that people likes of boot-splash screen's....
But why would you need a screensaver anyway? It's really just a waste of battery; you should make the calculator shut off when the screensaver would be triggering, as I did with Doors CS.
yap but for example one minute without any key press start's the screensaver and at the 3rd minute shutdown's as this are only programes... the programmer decides what to do...
Mmmm, I still don't like the idea of a screensaver. Seems kinda n00bly and pointless to me.
the screensaver is only for putting the cpu to do something while it wayts to suspend...
Here's what you do while you wait to suspend:
. Saves lots of battery.
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