So I can't have an uninstalled theme become a forced theme?

So, I'll take a look at my MySQL and see how to 'hide' the themes. Oh dear lord, I have many questions about themes I need to ask. Should I just make another topic?
The problem with "uninstalled" themes is that the files exist in the directory structure of your server, but there's no MySQL entry. Without a MySQL entry, phpBB has no idea that the uninstalled files are even there.
Yeah, I figured that out, I manually added a theme name that phpBB did no recognize (for some odd reason) to the MySQL DB. And it appeared on the Theme List. So... I guess I do need to install it then somehow 'hide' it. Off topic anyways... =/
one way is to add a new row to the theme table and have 0 = show and 1 = hide or something. Then, for the script that displays it, if 0, show, else hide or something along those lines.
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