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I wish I could post HTML, this post will be so bland >,<

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After reading a short story, ‘The Sound of Thunder’ by Ray Bradbury, I have re-concluded my ideas on time and parallel universes. I have finally come to agree that the two are intertwined with one another. There is one (1) universe for every unit of time, no matter how small it may be. Our string of parallel universe ends at the end of time or when our universe goes kablooey1.

There is no easy way to explain this. The only way I can think of how to explain this is by comparing this to a movie reel. First I must explain how a video camera works. This is very, very basic so please bare with me here.

A camcorder is pretty much a still image camera. Just all it does differently is snap pictures in rapid succession and places them on an advancing negative reel. For and example of what I mean take two pictures, or more, with a short pause between pictures (second or less) of someone walking. Then get them developed or import them to your computer. Look at the first picture you took then the next, then back at the first one (or next depending on how many you took). These are called ‘frames’. Notice how the person seems to move? This is an example on how a video camera works, but just remember it takes and stores the image faster, creating a smoother transition. With this in your head, you can go ahead and read on.

Each picture the video camera takes, is a different universe. Now, parallel universes are not still pictures as I might have implied. Instead they are motion pictures. (I know, I know, where’s the resource. I don’t have one.)

All god did was press the imaginary play button on each universe right after another until he had no more universes to press the imaginary play button on. This means that each universe is playing the same movie but the one before it is one (1) frame ahead and the one after the first one is one (1) frame behind. Now, lets get to the real stuff!

Ok, here we are present day. Everything is how its suppose to be – this will turn around and bite you in the butt at the end because it may not make complete sense now. Like in the book, ‘A Sound of Thunder’, Mr. Bradbury adds in ‘today’s’ proper spelling, which is displayed on the Time Travel Agencies sign:






(pg. 1; ln.6-10)

From time to time we all make mistakes. But if you go Time Traveling, and you make a mistake while in the past, you will sure as hell care when you come back to present day! Sadly, the people who didn’t time travel with you won’t even know you even made a mistake, how sad is that? I have seen in movies newspaper headlines changing that were brought from the future (I can only think of the ‘Back to the Future’ series, don’t know what number though). Is that really true? I don’t think it is; well half the time at least.

If you go back to yesterday with today’s newspaper and change something, say you prevent a kid getting shot while walking to school, the newspaper will not change. Then, if you go back to today the newspaper will change. This is what I think, so it doesn’t mean its true.

If we go back in time, sense we are already on the topic, (imagine pressing rewind button) we can actually change the movie. This is where Ray Bradbury explains it very, very clearly:

“That’s not clear,” said Eckels. “All right,” Travis continued, “say we accidentally kill one mouse here. That means all the future families of this one particular mouse are destroyed, right?” “Right” “And all the families of the families of the families of that one mouse! With a stamp of your foot, you annihilate first one, then a dozen, then a thousand, a million, a billion possible mice!” “So they’re dead,” said Eckels. “So what?”

“So what?” Travis snorted quietly. “Well, what about the foxes that’ll need those mice to survive? For want of ten mice, a fox dies. For want of ten foxes a lion starves. For want of a lion, all manner of insects, vultures, infinite billions of life forms are thrown into chaos and destruction. Eventually it all boils down to this: fifty-nine million years later, a caveman, one of a dozen on the entire world, goes hunting wild boar or saber-toothed tiger for food. But you, friend, have stepped on all the tigers in that region. By stepping on one single mouse. So the caveman starves. And the caveman, please note, is not just any expendable man, no! He is an entire future nation. From his loins would have sprung ten sons. From their loins one hundred sons, and thus onward to a civilization. Destroy this one man, and you destroy a race, a people, an entire history of life. It is comparable to slaying some of Adam’s grandchildren. The stomp of your foot, on one mouse, could start an earthquake, the effects of which could shake our earth and destinies down through Time, to their very foundations. With the death of that one caveman, a billion others yet unborn are throttled in the womb. Perhaps Rome never rises on its seven hills. Perhaps Europe is forever a dark forest, and only Asia waxes healthy and teeming. Step on a mouse and you crush the Pyramids. Step on a mouse and you leave your print, like a Grand Canyon, across Eternity. Queen Elizabeth might never be born, Washington might not cross the Delaware, there might never be a United States at all. So be careful. Stay on the Path. Never step off!”

(pg.6-7; ln. 144-170)

Hopefully that’s clear in your head. It sure is to me! If it isn’t, then just read on, I don’t really relate back to this until the near very end which will make this hopefully all clear to you. So what if we want to go to the end of time and beyond? Well, we can’t. Once one universe stops playing, we can’t go to it, or even come back to our present day if we were there, physically experiencing it. Now this might dawn on you as weird but, we are going through what our presestors2 went through. That is, this is where I might lose you so pay attention, if we were not the first universe to have our imaginary play button pushed.

Lets just say we are universe Number 1. You reading this paper has changed your life in a small amount. Later, that small amount will turn to a larger amount, then later larger and so fourth. It might possibly change your life for the better, inspiring you to do that job you wanted, whether acting, dancing, directing, modeling, etc. (If it does, i want something fancy C=. i.e. Lamborghini, a Ferrari will do fine though =/.) This very paper, no matter how small you think this paper will affect you, could make you famous. Your dinner you didn’t finish last night might not of been important as you washed it down the drain, but karma will come around and starve you for it. For that lie you told your mother about not smoking, you will develop lung cancer. As that passage says up above, one little domino, can start knocking down bigger and bigger dominoes as time progresses. But, if we are not the first universe to have our imaginary play button pushed. You don’t have much of a decision then do you. Ok, ok, don’t go hay wire on me, no nervous break downs, save those for the end.

Time travel is very complicated and complex. Its probably more dangerous to go back in time than it is forward. The reason being, if someone sees the way your dressed, and back then its against the rules, you might get killed, or you might bring an unknown dieses to them and kill people by the thousands. Yes, maybe Hitler may never be born, but what if Christopher Columbus is the Great Great Great Great Grandfather of Adolf Hitler? The Americas might not be discovered until 1742 or later!

Going to the future, you can’t really hurt your self. Unless they kill you because your violating Apparel Law 17a3 or Hair Law 57bc23 etc. etc. If I had to choose past or future, I’d choose future. You don’t run the risk of changing life as you know it. But wait! There’s more people.

When you Time Travel to the future, then time goes on without you, yes that’s right, without you. So the future would be different than if you were there and never Time Traveled. Doesn’t make sense, that’s why there’s this very last part from the book:





(pg. 17; ln.184)

Remember how the sign was spelled before? (hover mouse over this text to compare the two signs) This one is spelled differently. Sadly this was all caused of by Eckels stepping off the path. And to conclude this document, I leave you with a spoiler from the story that explains why the sign was spelled like it is now.

Eckels felt himself fall into a chair. He fumbled crazily at the thick slime on his boots. He held up a clod of dirt, trembling, “No, it can’t be. Not a little thing like that. No!” Embedded in the mud, glistening green and gold and black, was a butterfly, very beautiful and very dead. “Not a little thing like that! Not a butterfly!” cried Eckels. It fell to the floor, an exquisite thing, a small thing that could upset balances and knock down a line of small dominoes and then big dominoes and then gigantic dominoes, all down the years across Time. Eckels’ mind whirled. It couldn’t change things. Killing one butterfly couldn’t be that important! Could it?

(pg.18; ln.485-496)

1) Kablooey: Another word for blown-up...

2) Precestors: Generations to come...

3) Apparel Law 17a, Hair Law 57bc2: Made up laws...

What do you think?
Excuse me, Michael Crichton is on the phone, he wants his book back Wink (Just Joking)
haha, I never heard of Michael Crichton. This is all original. It spurred last year after reading 'The Sound of Thunder'. Like it says.
Ah. Michael Crichton is a technothriller writer... His book TimeLine involved some similar stuff to this... it related to going through the paralell universes to explore the past... It was interesting, to say the least.
Ah. Cool. I have more theories and opinions and junk, I just want to write another opinion I have before I release any more. Well, I might release my last opinion, on 'The Time Machine' (the newer movie) soon. I just have to organize my thoughts then type it up. I have a web written down. Off subjectness! WOO! I so totally own in off topicness. ~_~
alex10819 wrote:
Ah. Michael Crichton is a technothriller writer... His book TimeLine involved some similar stuff to this... it related to going through the paralell universes to explore the past... It was interesting, to say the least.
Ah yes, that's an excellent series. Good essay, it shows some insightful analysis of the work at hand. Good Idea
Why thanks Kerm =P. I'll be coming out with more stuff later on this year or early next. As for know, I'm busy getting stuff together in hopes of getting a book published of all my writing work for personal stuff. Like all my 13, and counting, poems, 4 Short Stories (well 4 paragraphs if you wanna call em that), and my other theories and opinions. So expect more stuff like this as I unearth more of my documents. Sadly, most is on my Windows, which met an unfortunet end as mentioned in the 'Mother Bourd' thread. Its not its end, just a temporairy death. XD.
You know, you could have just linked to the formatted version and not copy/pasted the whole thing Razz
Kllrnohj wrote:
You know, you could have just linked to the formatted version and not copy/pasted the whole thing Razz
Very Happy Yeah, but that would have been sensible and logical. BTW, way to use your HTML skillz to show off to your teacher. Razz
HAHA. Yeah, I don't have Web Design this year. =/. Hopefully.

@Kllrnohj: True, but some people are lazy. =P Like me. But I do prefer the Formatted Version. Thinking back, I shouldv'e just done that.
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