03-08-06:: DTB forum subforum deleted; contents moved to Blockland
03-08-06:: DTB subdomain removed due to inactivity
03-08-06:: Usermap set to recheck -1024s for admin access
03-06-06:: Textonly stats page created based on DB.
03-06-06:: userdata-->profiledata in profile page generator
03-05-06:: Author files listed and linked on profile page
03-05-06:: Author file count added to profile page
03-04-06:: ACP archives edit mode completed
03-04-06:: ACP backend add file completed; syntax&count errors repaired
03-04-06:: ACP Backend Add File linked to integrity
03-04-06:: Archives Integrity check added to ACP
03-03-06:: 6 subforums set to Registered permission mask
03-03-06:: ZIP reading added to archives
03-03-06:: Multifile bug fixed in archives
03-03-06:: All 'A's added from ticalc.org to archives
09-06-06:: Added Revsoft to links page, Revsoft added Cemetech to their links page.
09-06-06:: Null-terminated and nonterminated TI-89 string parsing functions added to SC2
09-06-06:: SAX logs enter second day. Appear fully functional. Frontend interface planned.
10-12-05:: Thanks to reports from parties that Google was incorrectly spidering Cemetech, I took a look at the bot backend and saw that it was being redirected to a nonexistent theme. Problem repaired, hopefully.
10-16-06:: Solution found to bot listflood in online users box in sidebar.
10-16-06:: Refixed and discovered source of Google nonspider problem. Plan to implement permenant fix.
11-06-06:: ID Cards fixed for those without avatars or with nonstandard avatars
11-07-06:: Repaired coauth statistics for the new archives. Apparently it's hard to see the difference between "coauth" and "ooauth" when it's 10-point size, light-gray colored text. Sad
11-07-06:: Repaired exporting programs from SourceCoder2.
11-09-06:: I fixed up the download thing so it doesn't give you an invalid extension for everything. Apparently split() uses preg_replace.
now for the ratings/reviews and your all set...
11-23-06 Added replies count to frontpage Discuss link.
12-28-06 Removed most tables from overall site layout, replaced with divs.
01-15-06 Fixed the Blockland Screenshots directory (here)
01-23-07 Searched for, found, and fixed the no-main-content-pane error in IE6 with CemetechLite.
01-23-07 Added v5-specific news CSS to the v4 stylesheets for compatibility purposes
01-23-07 Removed a duplicate http:// in the link to Outside the Box Programming
01-23-07 Added Content-Type declaration to countdown.php
03-05-07 Added nearly-invisible security watermarking to ID cards. Switched from indexed GIF to truecolor PNG for final output.
04-22-07 Added DCS6+ Shell Expander sub forum, moved relevant topics
04-22-07 Created Cemetech's Non-Calc Projects, moved relevant sub-forums.
10-01-07 Deleted 140 spam pages from the DCS wiki, reverted about 30 spam edits, deleted 60 spam accounts, and disabled user registration.
02-28-08 Deleted about a dozen random files from /public_html/ that did not belong and had the potential to compromise the security of the site.
03-24-08 Fixed up the About >> Hardware page in Cemetech6.
03-24-08 Added RSS feed icon to Cemetech6 sidebar
03-26-08 Reverted some of the bot edits on the DCS wiki, re-added anonymous user edit prevention, which I thought I had done a long time ago.
03-27-08 Search bar on beta.cemetech.net updated to look cooler
03-27-08 Red headers in beta forum fixed
03-27-08 http://beta.cemetech.net/about/usermap.php, the beta usermap, brought back online. Now more accurate.

Edit by tifreak: fixed the url tag, had [ /b] instead of [ /url] Smile
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