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Over roughly the past week or so, Cemetech has gained various new minor improvements and features. These have been added in two areas, SAX and styles. First, SAX, the Simultaneous Asynchronous eXchange AJAX chat widget in the sidebar, is now more intelligent than ever. Using natural-language phrases such as "Where's username?" or "What is username up to?", the Cemetech server will respond in SAX with the online status, last appearance, and away message of the user, if applicable. Setting one's away message is as easy as saying something like "I'm going to the store for a while." If asked about the user, SAX will respond that "username is going to the store for a while." It performs all pronoun and proper noun number changes automatically. Finally, SAX now has a !pm or /pm command. When followed by a username and a short message, the command will send a PM with the specified text to the specified username.

The second area of improvements is in template styles. I removed the old CemetechGrays templates that were causing troubles for those who switched to them, and instead created CemetechLiteBlue and CemetechLiteGreen style variations of the CemetechLite theme. This morning, I added a final piece to each, whereby the toolbar buttons at the top of the page change color to match the rest of the page. Enjoy!

Great job Kerm!!

A suggestion however, is there a way to take the Cemetech logo image, as a base image, and have the css add the color to it?? Or maybe just make the matching logos, since red SSSOOO does not go with green Razz
I considered matching logos, but the Cemetech logo is always red, that's the logo. How else could I make it fit in without changing the letter color?
By only having a red theme?? Razz

Honestly though, the cemetech logo is not made up from the colors, it is made up from the word Cemetech and the lightning bolt (Which should be a lil brighter imo).

It is, of course, your call on the final answer.
Hmm, I actually might still have the AutoDesk VIZ 3D model for the logo somewhere... I'll look around.
very cool, /me switches on off to green.

Takes some getting used to, but great job there Kerm.
Thanks, I thought some of you green fans (*cough* Dan *cough*) (*cough* rivereye *cough*) might want something like this, though I myself am not personally a huge green person.
yeah, I am getting used to it, thanks for it.

And in the go to new posts things, do you think a horizantal line could be placed between each topic title, make it a little easier to tell each from each other.
It's funny that you should mention that; I was actually thinking the exact same thing yesterday. Yup, I think I could manage it, although it might look a bit funny...
not really, IPB does it, and it does help I think.
Actually, scratch my objection; the thing that I thought would be a problem won't actually be a problem after all. I thought that there would be an extra line at the bottom, but I see I can use the line under the column headings for the extra.
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