OK, thanks, the link now works! However, you have to edit old posts before your new signature shows up...

Send all recommendations to our email so that everyone at Penguin Studios can read them.

Also, Cave 1.4 does use OmniCalc, but that is only for the Penguin Studios logo at the start, not as part of the game.

I don't know about programs I didn't write, but I do not think that any of the other programs need libraries (I know that MathProgram does not).

Actually, these are mainly just some of the programs we actually had on hand at the time. We have others that just have not yet been uploaded to the computer, or the website.

Whenever I finally finish it, I am going to have the ultimate version of SimCity, that uses xlib to make your city actually grow as it gets larger, with 16x16 sprites. The main thing I am working on now is the desirability factor, and the amount of money things should cost. Other than that, most of the game has been made (it supports 5 different city sizes - from 10x10 to 30x30, 5 stages of Residential & commercial, 3 of Industrial, and some other stuff). I will create another topic about it later.
Laughing That's part of his signature.

BTW, I see that you're in the chess club. Want to play sometime? I've also narrowed down your location to 218 homes...Evil or Very Mad
wtf? Do you live near him? Evil or Very Mad
Just from his last name and knowing what middle school he goes to, a stalker could narrow where he lives down to 218 homes. It's dangerous to give that much. His middle school's website has a section for the chess club and it has his picture. Nowhere near him, try a full state north, it's just simple information.

My signature, how so?

Okay I played it and it's a fairly good game, though the name is misleading. Remember that with repeat loops you can have them right after the delvar. Also, use


instead of

Delvar K:If theta=45:1->K

Finally, make sure to use If statements instead of If-Then statements when only doing one command. They are faster and I'll provide you the cold, hard evidence if you wish.
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