i am having a real hard time coming up with some good game ideas that i could program and was wondering if anyone had any good ideas i could try.
I have an idea that I would like to do but don't have the time. I would like to see a battle strategy game. Where you have to make decisions based upon different situations. There would be different terrain, weapons, and amounts of men. Not like most video games of today where you just control a squad and after a command it becomes a first person shooter but just fully a commander.
You could try going on the online games websites and see if you can port any of their games to BASIC/Asm.
alright i will try somethings idea. i would try sages but i need a little more description because i am not quite getting what you are saying
lafferjm wrote:
alright i will try somethings idea. i would try sages but i need a little more description because i am not quite getting what you are saying
That would probably be a bit complex for you for now. I'd suggest trying something a little simpler first.
that is the thing though. i can not think of anything simple.
...It is pretty complex. You would basically be the commander of a brigade, platoon, etc. and you would have a particular objective or situation. Your soldiers would have different weapons, and could have different ones each time, which would affect your decisions. There would be different terrain in which to complete the mission and you could have it be different terrain every time as well. The terrain, weapons, and amount of men could all be interchangable and affect your decisions. Basically a battle simulator. A storyline and fps would be completly optional but not recommended. The idea is like 7th on my priority list.
I mentioned this on antother thread but faceball would be a cool game to port
http://www.1up.com/do/feature?cId=3133741<-- a review of the game

there is a flash port of the game called faceball 3000
otherwise, what arcade games do you enjoy? Those might work (heck, do a pong game for all I care).
I think he wants to do it in basic, but I am not sure.
Harq wrote:
I think he wants to do it in basic, but I am not sure.

Yup thats why i posted in the ti-basic section.
Where was asm mentioned? Confused
no where, but he was pointing to the limitation of BASIC
I don't see an idea that couldn't be done. Though both my idea and faceball would be difficult and time consuming they aren't impossible. The speed, fluidity, and some graphics for faceball yeah but the gameplay and all of that to a certain extent is certainly do able. It's not all that great or complicated of a game in the first place.

There are plenty of simple games you could do that have been done many times before. There are also some simple strategy or really simple rpg's that you could do. Are you done with your other game?
Why not look through the TI-Basic archives at ticalc.org and see if you could maybe extend one of the RPGs? That would provide you with a foundation to start out with. I'm sure you'd also further hone your optimization skills in the process Cool
Welcome to Cemetech, burr! Very Happy

I have already tried fixing up one of those rpgs, and it is VERY time consuming (seeing how bad many of them are.) Wink
I am considering trying to make a small version of Sage's idea

It would generate a cliff map, and it would have certain characteristics (has a cliff on each side, how many men can fit on each cliff etc.) And then you would get a random number of men and special units (snipers grenadiers). The decision making system might be hard, but I think I can do it.

Oh yeah, it will place your units on the map (atleast most of them) Wink
Sounds good Harq. If you need it I've already got a few equations that might help.

Hey Burr, good to see you over here.

I'm probably going to be able to get to it, my list of projects is dropping. I almost have my contest entry the way I want it. I've finished optimizing so I just need to put in the new AI and attack system. Then there's battlesnake, my word processor, my TI-Freakware contest entry, and the UTI project in no particular order. Dropped from 7th to close to fifth.
I think it may be complicated to do the graphics, but I will try to (stupid English, I was counting on having more time this weekend, and then he goes ahead and drops 3 writing assignments on me Evil or Very Mad )

Also, I think I have a great idea for a DCS Basic lib Idea . How about a 'conditional menu'. It would be scrollable, (maybe an option for small type) and you would give it a list as an argument along with the names of each option.

Now the conditional part comes in. A menu item is only displayed if the list element (starts at 1, however long it needs to) is a nonzero number.

This would make this project a LOT easier (I am still not sure whether I can do it, but I am willing to try Wink besides, it will be fun
The thing is, I was going to concentrate a lot more on gameplay instead of the graphics. Graphics, if good enough an cheap enough, was just going to be a bonus. Just having an overview would be easy to, though that sounds like a good idea.
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