swivelgames wrote:
The problem was, I had too many discolored legos. It was amazing when I actually built a 2 story house with all red bricks.

Its interesting when I actually color coordinate the bricks.
Huh, I never had much luck with that, because I had very scattered block colors. I tended to build with Technics more than regular LEGOs, so I didn't really care too much about colors.
I never liked technics that much, I did'nt like how they were'nt solid. I always liked building something completely solid. Plus legos were easier for me to use, since I used them so often.

The one I hated were Kinex! First time I got one, was when my grandma had no clue what it was I liked, she just thought building(this was after she had tried the Duplo legos!) so she got those. I could not touch anything for a week. Thats how horrilbe it was!
I have like almost all of the Bionicle sets, so I usually use Technic, also.
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