Seeing as the DVD has just come out (Aug 1st, 2006), I figured I would go ahead and post my review of this excellent movie. I highly, highly recommend it Smile

V for Vendetta takes place in the year 2020, after a deadly virus runs rampant in the world, leaving most Americans dead, and Britain is being ruled by a fascist dictator promising security but not freedom. A lone man named V, who wears a Guy Fawkes mask, fights against the evil dictator. The movie starts off with V saving a young TV reported named Evey from rape at the hands of “fingure men”, the name of the police, and then V blows up the Old Bailey courtrooms. V for Vendetta then follows V in his effort over the next 12 months to rally the people against the government.

The directing, done by James McTeigue, is excellent, with the movie being dominated more by its intriguing literary elements rather than its awesome special effects. The dark atmosphere and political ideas help to round out V for Vendetta into a highly entertaining film. The camera angles chosen by McTeigue are great, from the wide sweeping shots of London to the intimate closeups on the actors.

Natalie Portman, who plays Evey, does an good job, with the only flaw being her occasional struggle with the English accent. Hugo Weaving, who plays V, does an amazing job. Despite having his face covered by a mask the entire movie, he does an outstanding job of conveying a full spectrum of emotion purely through tone of voice and body language. John Hurt, playing the evil dictator Sutler, also does a great job. Every word he speaks drips with hatred, creating a Hitler-esque character.

Music is used rather effectively. In one scene, V pretends to be conducting an orchestra, asking Evey if she can hear it. All the sudden, Beethoven's 5th Symphony is blasted over the cities PA system, right before, and during, the explosion of the Old Bailey. This same song is again played over the PA later on in the movie to a similarly stirring effect.

Brilliant action scenes coupled with a darker, more thoughtful tone make V for Vendetta an excellent film. Although it is hard to tell whether the ideas relate to the present, past, or the future, it is a highly entertaining film that doesn't disappoint.
Personally, I think the director insulted us with forcing the symbolism upon the viewer - interspersing the scene with V in the rain with flashbacks from the fire was silly.
I loved the last fight scene. I could have stayed in the theatre for hours watching it.
Never seen it, but have heard many good things about it, guess I have to go watch it.
I've always wanted to see this movie ever since it came out in theatres. The commercial where V says "People shouldn't be afraid of governments. Governments should be afraid of people" got me interested in this film. Now that it's out on DVD and after reading the review, I have to see it.
After reading the review, I decided to go out and rent the movie. I just watched it, and I have to say that it's great; it's definitely worth seeing. Thanks for the tip Kllrnohj: it's the best movie I've seen this year. I give it Good Idea Good Idea
I never did see it, but it was on my need-to-watch list at some point. Now that I've read this review, chances are I'll move it a bit higher on my list.
Heh, even my dad liked it. He can't wait to rewatch it with my mom (and he's one of those people that absolutely hates rewatching movies. Hell, he usually won't even rent a movie if he knows that it would mean one of us will be rewatching it....)
I must say, this movie ws excellent. Hugo Weaving does an excellent role playing V, a role so much different from Agent Smih...

The movie actually made sense, but it helps if you watch it a couple times...

oh, and it was actually the 1812 Overture, not Beethovens 5th. Good guess though Razz
Yeah, I did that for school, and the DVD wasn't out then. I wasn't about to pay another $7 just to go back to the theaters to get the name of the song... heh Wink (a google search turned up nothing initially)
If you listen carefully in the scene after the explosions, one of the counselmen tells the name of the song, just in case hearing it wasnt enough Razz
What? Yeah, I knew that, but when I was watching the movie to review it I wasn't taking notes Rolling Eyes And like I said, I didn't feel like dropping another $7 to go watch it again just for the name of the song....

JUST to make it perfectly clear, I wrote that review when the movie had just come out in theaters, not once the DVD came out...
Makes sense to me...

Still an awesome movie though.. my friend has been bugging me about seeing it since about 2 days after it was in theaters, and somehow I just managed to see it last week Razz
Meh, still haven't seen it. One of these days...
same here. Some day I will get it or something.
I just discovered the Doctor Who series, which seems really cool.
Doctor Who is a great series. I liked watching it on SciFi after Stargates SG-1 and Atlantis. They don't air it on SciFi anymore, but hopefully they'll air season two.
I've seen the movie 3 times now. The first time I saw it, I rented it for myself. Second time, my friend bought it (at my suggestion). Third time, I showed another friend a ripped version on my computer of the movie my friend bought.

This is very abnormal for me becuase the only other movie I've seen more than once was Monty Python and the Holy Grail (5 times). Smile
I watch the same movies all the time. I have watched The Longest Yard (2004/Adam Sandler Version) I don't know how many times in the last 3 weeks.
something1990 wrote:
Doctor Who is a great series. I liked watching it on SciFi after Stargates SG-1 and Atlantis. They don't air it on SciFi anymore, but hopefully they'll air season two.
They air it on the BBC though, and it seems to me I know of an internet service that streams BBC...
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