No clue how to do any of it.

Dont know how to change the Dedicated name, the port, the admin pass, anything.

Help Sad ?

[EDIT]My Question is not how to run a dedicated, but how to change the settings.[/EDIT]
Edit common/server/prefs.cs (I think; can't test that right now)
It's actually tbm/server/prefs.cs, but close enough.
oh ok, awsome. Thanks. I should have a server up then some times soon Razz . Thanks again guys.
How do I start a DTB dedicated server? Theres no prefs in the dtb/server folder =/ .
Put this line into a bat. Change mission to the name of a mis file in your /tbm/data/missions folder.

blockland.exe -dedicated -game tbm -mod dtb -mission tbm/data/missions/mission.mis

And DTB still uses the /tbm/server/pref.cs file... it's just a TBM mod, so it doesn't have it's own configuration file.
oh ok, thanks! awsome Smile .
swivelgames wrote:
oh ok, thanks! awsome Smile .
No prob, just doing my duty.
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