Try updating your mobo's BIOS and chipset drivers (chipset especially)
I don't know what my chipset is.
Easy, CPU-Z has got you covered:
KT133A chipset by Via Smile

It sounds like either of the two driver packages would work, but I personally would try the older 4in1 drivers myself.....
I will try then. Being my machine is Socket A with SDRAM, I will go with the older.
Well, both claim to support all via chipsets, so either *should* work, but often times older hardware gets broken support in newer releases, and it is harder to catch as not as many people are running it...
ok, installed the second of the two, still no good, everything is the same (do I have to maybe install my Video drivers again?).
Maybe this is one of those times you should suck up your pride and call tech support.... It could be that your mobo is so far outdated its never been tested Razz

It is *possible* that it is a faulty card (although given what you've said, highly unlikely)

Oh yeah, and find out what motherboard you have. if its an OEM system you can look it up on the manufacturers site, often using either the model or serial number, otherwise the BIOS or POST screen should tell you the model. Maybe a newer BIOS was released that addressed such issues...

I got one more thing to try. In the BIOS, look for the Init Display First, and try playing around with that. I've heard that changing that can sometimes resolve wierd display issues
only options on the first display are AGP and PCI, and it is set to AGP.

Mobo is elitegroup or something.
rivereye wrote:
only options on the first display are AGP and PCI, and it is set to AGP.

Yes, so set it to PCI and see if that helps any. Dual-head cards often appear to the BIOS as one AGP card and one PCI card.

Mobo is elitegroup or something.

You are going to have to be ALOT more specific than that, as flashing the wrong bios == unbootable mobo Smile
not much else stamped on the mobo (maybe I will get the camera out and take pic or something for you to see).
Is it an OEM system? (aka, dell, compaq, HP, gateway, etc...) If so, what model and/or SN?

Does the BIOS say what model the motherboard is? Does the POST screen?
I will look there.

My uncle built the machine a while ago (I doubt he would know anymore).
did he give you all the manuals that came with the pieces?
nope, just the machine.
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